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Product Info.

The GPX10-8 offers a cost effective solution for the user who requires a diamond blade that can cope with the cutting of the most widely used non-abrasive building materials.

The GPX range of diamond blades have been specifically designed for cutting a wide range of general purpose building materials. With the General Purpose Diamond Blade being a firm favourite, Mexco have developed this blade using a high diamond concentration and the highest quality ingredients knowing that the user could be cutting a wide variety of non-abrasive building materials such as; Reinforced Concrete, Hard Limestone and Concrete Paviours.

Mexco GPX10-8 General Purpose 115mm Diamond Blade

  • Specification:

    • Diameter (mm): 115
    • Segment Width (mm): 2.0
    • Bore Size (mm): 22.23

    Features (Applications):

    • Non Abrasive Indian Sandstone
    • Hard Facing Brick
    • Medium Facing Brick
    • Hard Slate
    • River Gravel Aggregate Concrete
    • Flint Aggregate Concrete
    • Reinforced Concrete
    • Concrete Kerbs
    • Concrete Slabs
    • Reinforced Lintels
    • Hard Limestone
    • Limestone Aggregate Concrete
    • Concrete Paviours
    • Soft Facing Brick
    • Concrete Blocks Over 15KN
    • Hard Sandstone
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