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Product Info.

The ASX – Asphalt diamond blade range offers fast stock removal and lifetime when used for cutting the most abrasive of applications such as Asphalt, Green Concrete and Cement Screed.

A diamond blade for cutting asphalt. The ASX10 is an entry level Asphalt Blade designed to give a good performance for a great price. Perfect for users not cutting on a regular basis or for one off jobs.

Mexco ASX10 Asphalt 300mm Diamond Blade

  • Specification:

    • Diameter (mm): 300
    • Segment Width (mm): 3.2
    • Bore Size (mm): 20

    Features (Applications):

    • Coarse Sandstone
    • Breeze Block
    • Shallow Concrete Screed
    • Asphalt Over Concrete
    • Concrete Blocks Under 15KN
    • Green Concrete
    • Lignacite Blocks
    • Asphalt
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